Hi, I’m Katy!

Katy is a powerhouse in the small business world, the corporate world and thrives when she can empower others to live out the best version of themselves.

Don’t let her size fool you. In fact, we believe it was Shakespeare that said it, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

Katy’s experience as a multi franchise owner, years in the corporate environment, and a key player in a booming start up have all allowed her to gain both insight and perspective on this very basic principle: adding value to others and the art of leadership.

This girl gets it. Her no nonsense approach to coaching others is both enlightening and inspiring. Katy is a powerful and passionate international keynote speaker. She has a knack for pulling out the greatness in people.

It’s not all roses. After believing she had landed her dream job, the one she’d spend the rest of her career at…. life had a different plan for her. She made the decision to step out of her comfort zone and level up, so she resigned from her corporate executive job to pursue her passion, to work in her strength zone and live 100% in alignment with her values.

When Katy’s not in a boardroom, or running around a Sales Floor yelling ‘BAM!’, you’ll find her at a beach. Any beach will do. Maybe on a paddleboard, maybe jumping waves, or maybe sharing some chips and guacamole with her husband of 25 years. She lives life out loud. She has an incredible love for people and her greatest joy is watching others win at life.

Call Katy. She's cool.