Here’s what others say …

“Katy is a powerhouse of energy and she brings that vibrancy to her programs. She is passionate about
helping others maximize their potential by living and working from their strengths. The program
helped me not only understand myself better but learn how to lead using my unique set of strengths. It
has made me a more effective leader and improved my relationships with the people on my team.”

Maryanne L
Director of Client Relations & Entrepreneur

“Your online program was the KICK-START I needed to re-affirm who I am. The synopsis is bang
on of not only who I am but confirming my strengths and how much ‘joy’ I receive by
helping/engaging others, being inclusive with all people (each of us born with a God-given gifts)
and recognizing that we ‘all’ have value (individually unique) BUT the power we have working
together is AMAZING! Also, recognizing my natural ability as a ‘networker’ helping others;
connecting people – I’m feeding my soul with simple joy. I am an entrepreneur and visionary
who loves challenges whereby giving me opportunity to find solutions.
I am grateful for my ‘downloads from heaven’. And it wasn’t until talking with you, did I
recognize this gift.”

Shar D.

“Katy Loewen is a woman of many skills, with a big heart for people; she is a true people
person. You will find that in her the first time you meet her. She has engaging
personality, with a strong leadership focus and a long resume of performance and
excellence throughout her career.”

Tom L
Business owner

“I have known Katy since 1997 and have worked alongside her professionally over the
last 5 years. Over the years, specifically in the last 5 years, I have watched how quickly
she builds relationships in a fast growth and busy corporate environment. She weaves
her leadership skills into her daily work and has a lasting impact on everyone she meets.

Katy is savvy and never shrinks from a challenge; Katy has the unique combination of
people skills, and the drive to accomplish goals to keep projects moving forward…
Katy is known for getting the job done!”

Lorne O
CEO, Strategist


“Katy’s passion and commitment extend to many fields. Whether it is as
President of the Rotary Club of Aldergrove, or building houses in
Guatemala, she brings 100% to the task. When you work with Katy, it is her
personal integrity and ability to work with other that stand out. She brings
out the best in people, allows ideas to flow and relates well to people. All of
her traits ensure a job well done!”

George Bryce
Rotarian and past School Principal


“Katy Loewen has been my mentor/coach for the past 5 years, previous to that I admired
her work ethics and leadership skills as a friend. She is very dedicated, diving into every
aspect of the business, drilling down to the core finding a way to use her strengths and
skills to execute a strong and successful business.”

Clair U

“She is an amazing woman, she is kind, generous and gracious. She has a huge passion
for life and elevating people. Katy can touch your life using her leadership skills,
experience in business and strength training. Strong values and ethics are incredibly
important to her, both in personal life and the work place.
She lights up every room that she enters into and makes everyone feel comfortable and
appreciated. I greatly admire all of her charity work; she works diligently with Hope of Life, The
Rotary Club and other charities giving generous amounts of her time and energy.
I am the person today because of everything I have learned from Katy.”

Margaret Ulacia
Account Manager
Leader of People and dear friend to Katy Loewen

“Since working with Katy and discovering my unique strengths, I’ve been able to apply those to all areas of my life. In particular, it has helped tremendously with my own personal growth and my vision. My favorite strength is Strategic. This explains so much about how I lead my life, and how I interact with others at my workplace. Strategic allows me to create alternative ways to
approach a job and get it done. It gives me the ability to bring creative anticipation and persistence to the teams I am working with. Understanding my strengths has been an empowering
experience for me personally and my team. Thanks Katy!”

Marjan Sadat
Data Technician

“During one of her sessions Katy asked if we see value in investing the
time to participate. I was honest and answered, no…………not right away.
In the time following the sessions it became very apparent that I am able
to recognize and utilize what I learn working with Katy. This skill has
been invaluable in helping me formalize the way I deal with the business
challenges I face on a daily basis. As a bonus, I have taken the lessons learned from Katy’s
sessions and 
shared them with my two daughters (19 and 21 years old) and I have to
say, it has made me a better parent/mentor to my children.”

Klaus Hoefner
Production Coordinator